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work at home, blog, blogging, military, affiliate marketing, passive incomeI am a Military Veteran and a retired Law Enforcement Officer with over (25) years.

Throughout my life, I enjoyed protecting and serving and helping my community. I’m loyal to my country and I like to help people.  However, after retirement, I needed a break from anything that resembled a (40) hour workweek.

So I took me a (4) year break and did some traveling.  Then the years flew by and once again, I started having recurring thoughts of me owning an online business.

So at that point, I began researching affiliate companies.  Some of them were just okay and others just painted a pretty picture trying to get my money.  But then I came across Wealthy Affiliate on the internet and they were and still is ranked #1 for being the best affiliate marketing company.  Plus, they were offering free training for (7) days, with no credit card needed.

Now my first thoughts were this is to good to be true.  But nevertheless, I signed up for the free course and the online instructors were the real deal.  The information was informative and I built my first affiliate website.

At the end of those free seven days, I immediately signed up for the $49 dollar monthly plan to be a premium member.  And I was happy to do so because the cheap price was unbelievable.  Because there are literally other companies charging hundreds and thousands of dollars for affiliate marketing training.

But not Wealthy Affiliate, and get this, my first monthly payment was only $19 dollars.  That’s when I realize that I could achieve my goal of owning an online business with no overhead and no bank loan.

One thing is for sure, the future is and will be all about internet marketing forever.  And owning an online business will set you up for success for the future.

Wealthy Affiliate is teaching me everything there is to know about websites and affiliate marketing and I’m thrill to be a part of the company.

By far, it is the easiest…most beginner-friendly way to start to grow your online business.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the articles on this website.

W. “JR” McCain